ICDCS 2006


The 26th International Conference on

Distributed Computing Systems


July 4-7, 2006 - Lisboa, Portugal

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List of accepted papers

ICDCS 2006 received more than 540 submissions. Only 75 papers have been selected for publication, thus the acceptance ratio has been smaller than 14%.

Authors have been notified on February 10, 2006.


Paper # Title Authors
123 Analysis of the Message Waiting Time for the FioranoMQ JMS Server Michael Menth, Robert Henjes
128 A Loss and Queuing Delay Controller for Router Buffer Management Long Le
131 On Scheduling Expansive and Reductive Dags for Internet-Based Computing Gennaro Cordasco, Grzegorz Malewicz, Arnold Rosenberg
141 Crew: A Gossip-based Flash-Dissemination System Mayur Deshpande, Bo Xing, Iosif Lazardis, Bijit Hore, Nalini Venkatasubramanian, Sharad Mehrotra  
163 Analysis of Clustering and Routing Overhead for Clustered Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Mingqiang Xue, Inn-Inn Er, Winston Seah
171 WhoPay: A Scalable and Anonymous Payment System for Peer-to-Peer Environments Kai Wei, Yih-Farn Chen, Alan Smith, Binh Vo
178 Scalable and robust aggregation techniques for extracting statistical information in sensor networks Hongbo Jiang, Shudong Jin
181 Distributed Computing for Efficient Hyperspectral Imaging Using Fully Heterogeneous Networks of Workstations Antonio Plaza, Javier Plaza, David Valencia
215 Computing in the Presence of Timing Failures Gadi Taubenfeld
223 Autonomic Management of Stream Processing Applications via Adaptive Bandwidth Control Dimitrios Pendarakis, Jeremy Silber, laura wynter
247 Loud And Clear: Human-Verifiable Authentication Based on Audio Michael Goodrich, Michael Sirivianos, John Solis, Gene Tsudik, Ersin Uzun
262 Design and Performance Evaluation of a Proxy-based Java Rewriting Security System Yougang Song, Ying Xu, Brett Fleisch
266 Mitigating the Flooding Waves Problem in Energy-Efficient Routing for MANETs Sameh Gobriel, Daniel Mosse, Rami Melhem
268 Spoof Detection for Preventing DoS Attacks against DNS Servers Fanglu Guo, Jiawu Chen, Tzi-cker Chiueh
281 Delay-Bounded Range Queries in DHT-based Peer-to-Peer Systems Dongsheng li, Jiannong Cao, Xicheng Lu, Keith C. C. Chan, Jinshu su, H.V. Leong, Alvin T. S. Chan  
299 Fast data access over asymmetric channels using fair and secure bandwidth sharing Sachin Agarwal, Moshe Laifenfeld, Ari Trachtenberg, Murat Alanyali
313 Fault-Tolerant Clustering in Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks Fabian Kuhn, Thomas Moscibroda, Roger Wattenhofer
320 Provenance-Aware Tracing of Worm Break-in and Contaminations: A Process Coloring Approach Xuxian Jiang, Aaron Walters, Florian Buchholz, Dongyan Xu, Yi-Min Wang, Eugene Spafford
324 Tolerating Byzantine Faulty Clients in a Quorum System Barbara Liskov, Rodrigo Rodrigues
325 Search-and-Discover in Mobile P2P Network Databases Ouri Wolfson, Bo Xu, Huabei Yin, Hu Cao
327 Utility Optimization for Event-Driven Distributed Infrastructures Cristian Lumezanu, Sumeer Bhola, Mark Astley
329 Detecting MAC Layer Back-off Timer Violations in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Venkata Nishanth Lolla, Lap Kong Law, Srikanth Krishnamurthy, Chinya Ravishankar, Dharmaiah Manjunath
346 High-Throughput Multicast Routing Metrics in Wireless Mesh Networks Sabyasachi Roy, Dimitrios Koutsonikolas, Saumitra Das, Y. Charlie Hu
361 PRINS: Optimizing Performance of Reliable Internet Storages Qing Yang, Weijun Xiao, Jin Ren
376 GMP: Distributed Geographic Multicast Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks shibo wu, K. Selcuk Candan
394 On Store Placement for Response Time Minimization in Parallel Disks Akshat Verma, Ashok Anand
412 Sharing Memory between Byzantine Processes using Policy-Enforced Tuple Spaces Alysson Bessani, Miguel Correia, Joni Fraga, Lau Cheuk Lung
425 Interplay of ISPs: Distributed Resource Allocation and Revenue Maximization Sam C.M. Lee, Wenjie Jiang, Dah-Ming Chiu, John C.S. Lui
428 On the Access Pricing and Network Scaling Issues of Wireless Mesh Networks Ray K. Lam, Dah-Ming Chiu, John C.S. Lui
430 Work Stealing with Parallelism Feedback Kunal Agrawal, Yuxiong He, Charles Leiserson
450 ASAP: an AS-Aware Peer-Relay Protocol for High Quality VoIP with Low Overhead Shansi Ren, Lei Guo, Xiaodong Zhang
452 A Bridging Framework for Universal Interoperability in Pervasive Systems Jin Nakazawa, W. Keith Edwards, Umakishore Ramachandran, Hideyuki Tokuda
453 Failures Classification and Analysis of the Java Virtual Machine Domenico Cotroneo, Salvatore Orlando, Stefano Russo
458 Cycling Through a Dangerous Network: A Simple Efficient Strategy for Black Hole Search Stefan Dobrev, Paola Flocchini, Nicola Santoro
469 Reputation-Based Scheduling on Unreliable Distributed Infrastructures Jason Sonnek, Mukesh Nathan, Abhishek Chandra, Jon Weissman
497 Distributed Minimal Time Convergecast Scheduling in Wireless Sensor Networks Shashidhar Gandham, Ying Zhang, Qingfeng Huang
512 A Semantic Overlay for Self-* Peer-to-Peer Publish/Subscribe Emmanuelle Anceaume, Ajoy Datta, Maria Gradinariu, Gwendal Simon, Antonino Virgillito
526 A Hierarchical Approach to Internet Distance Prediction Rongmei Zhang, Y. Charlie Hu, Xiaojun Lin, Sonia Fahmy
534 Routing in Networks with Low Doubling Dimension Ittai Abraham, Cyril Gavoille, Andrew Goldberg, Dahlia Malkhi
536 Scalable Parallel Algorithm and Implementation for Biclustering over Large Distributed Datasets Jianhong Zhou, Ashfaq Khokhar
548 A Secure and Efficient Large Scale Distributed System for Object Sharing giorgio zanin, alessandro mei, Luigi Vincenzo Mancini
552 A DoS Resilient Flow-level Intrusion Detection Approach for High-speed Networks Yan Gao, Zhichun Li, Yan Chen
553 Practical Byzantine Group Communication  Vadim Drabkin, Roy Friedman, Alon Kama
554 Improving Traffic Locality in BitTorrent via Biased Neighbor Selection Ruchir Bindal, Pei Cao, William Chan, Jan Medved, George Suwala, Tony Bates, Amy Zhang
571 A Hierarchical Optimization Framework for Autonomic Performance Management of Distributed Computing Systems Nagarajan Kandasamy, Mohit Khandekar, Sherif Abdelwahed
579 Load Unbalancing to Improve Performance under Autocorrelated Traffic Qi Zhang, Ningfang Mi, Alma Riska, Evgenia Smirni
585 PastryStrings: A Comprehensive Content-Based Publish/Subscribe DHT Network Ioannis Aekaterinidis, Peter Triantafillou
593 Maintaining Strong Cache Consistency for Domain Name System Xin Chen, Haining Wang, Shansi Ren, Xiaodong Zhang
610 Highly Available Long Running Transactions and Activities for J2EE Applications Francisco Perez-Sorrosal, Jaksa Vuckovic, Marta Patiño-Martínez, Ricardo Jiménez-Peris
623 Dynamic Access Control in a Content-based Publish/Subscribe System with Delivery Guarantees Yuanyuan Zhao
628 POS: A Practical Order Statistics Service for Landon Cox, Miguel Castro, Antony Rowstron
629 Application-Tailored Cache Consistency for Wide-Area File Systems Ming Zhao, Renato Figueiredo
631 Efficient Formation of Edge Cache Groups for Dynamic Content Delivery Lakshmish Ramaswamy, Ling Liu, Jianjun Zhang
635 Controlling Quality of Service in Multi-Tier Web Applications Yixin Diao, Joseph Hellerstein, Sujay Parekh, Hidayatullah Shaikh, Maheswaran Surendra
636 File System Support for Collaboration in the Wide Area Vasile Gaburici, Peter Keleher, Bobby Bhattacharjee
642 SysProf: Online Distributed Behavior Diagnosis through Fine-grain System Monitoring Sandip Agarwala, Karsten Schwan
643 Overlay Multicast with Inferred Link Capacity Correlations Ying Zhu, Baochun Li
669 The Confluent Capacity of the Internet: Congestion vs. Dilation Jiangzhuo Chen, Madhav Marathe, Rajmohan Rajaraman, Ravi Sundaram
672 FastFlow: Architecture and Algorithm for Accurate Traffic Flow Characterization S. Kundu, B. Chakravarty, K. Basu, S. Das
681 M2: Multicasting Mixes for Efficient and Anonymous Communication Ginger Perng, Michael Reiter, Chenxi Wang
684 Modeling and Analysis of Generalized Slotted-Aloha MAC Protocols in Cooperative, Competetive and Adversarial Environments Richard Ma, Vishal Misra, Dan Rubenstein
692 Stable and Accurate Network Coordinates Jonathan Ledlie, Peter Pietzuch, Margo Seltzer
696 Greedy is Good: On Service Tree Placement for In-Network Stream Processing Zoe Abrams, Jie Liu
697 Self-Protections for Sensor Networks Dan Wang, Qian Zhang, Jiangchuan Liu
706 Adaptive Control of Extreme-Scale Stream Processing Systems Lisa Amini, Nevendu Jain, Anshul Sehgal, Jeremy Silber, Olivier Verscheure
714 In-Network Outlier Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks Joel Branch, Boleslaw Szymanski, Chris Giannella, Ran Wolff, Hillol Kargupta
726 COCA: A Locality-Aware Cooperative Cache Management Protocol to Improve Network File Song Jiang, Kei Davis, Fabrizio Petrini, Xiaoning Ding, Xiaodong Zhang
727 Sluice: Secure Dissemination of Code Updates in Sensor Networks Patrick Lanigan, Rajeev Gandhi, Priya Narasimhan
735 Efficient Incremental Optimal Chain Partition of Distributed Program Traces Selma Ikiz, Vijay Garg
736 Robust Accounting in Decentralized P2P Storage Systems Ivan Osipkov, Peng Wang, Nick Hopper, Yongdae Kim
748 Content-based Dissemination of Fragmented XML Data chee yong chan, Yuan ni
759 Store, Forget, and Check: Using Algebraic Signatures to Check Thomas Schwarz
765 On Estimating Tight Link Bandwidth Characteristics over Multi-Hop Paths Seong-Ryong Kang, Xiliang Liu, Amit Bhati, Dmitri Loguinov
771 Genesis: A Scalable Self-evolving Root-cause Analysis Framework for Storage Systems Kristal Pollack, Sandeep Uttamchandani
776 Elastic Routing Table with Probable Performance for Congestion Control in DHT Networks Haiying Shen, Cheng-Zhong Xu